MidRail is an operating company that believes in partnering with management to create long-term value.

We are seeking business opportunities whose growth can be turbocharged using our capital, our 200+ years of rail transportation operating experience and our relationships across the entire rail transportation industry. We provide operating experience and governance that allows these companies to grow and flourish. We will be able to see transformational opportunities and synergies between companies and their customers and then effectively execute on these. We leverage the power of people to think outside the box. When you give an intelligent, motivated leader the opportunity to pursue a reasoned dream, exciting results can and usually do happen.

That said, we manage by metrics. We frequently use the term "Precision Scheduled Railroading" to describe our approach. Simply speaking, it means we are customer centric, attentive to our costs, committed to asset and employee efficiency and utilization, passionate about operating safely, and treating our employees as a valued asset. We understand the difference between short lines and Class I’s and what each does best. Most importantly, we manage with a long-term point of view and short-term execution targets.